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New year, new things…

I like the beginnings of things. A new note book, a new blog post, new car smell… So perhaps it’s no surprise that I also like new year resolutions. I don’t make many, but I do tend to keep them. This year, I’ve decided on a new approach. This year, I’m not making any resolutions. 

And I’m not alone. Bob Borson, over at LifeofanArchitect did a neat blog on goals vs resolutions recently. Likewise, the ThesisWhisperer posted about having a theme instead of a resolution in 2013. There’s also a Scientific American article by Melanie Tannenbaum on why sharing your resolutions isn’t the best way to keep them. And finally, to round out the topic, Fast. Co got in on the action by suggesting you reframe resolutions as questions. 

So, just quietly, I’m moving my resolutions into goal questions, gathered around a theme. I’m going to share a trivial one here, my bigger ones will be staying private.

The traditional resolution to “get fitter” has become the question “How can I design exercise into my daily life?”. And it turns out there are lots of things I can change to increase the amount of exercise in my life. I can plan and undertake asymmetrical commuting (ride/run to work, bus home, then the reverse. Bonus: Sydney traffic and public transport is so bad that it’s often comparable timewise). I can pre-make bigger meals, so when I come home sweaty and starving I can eat healthy leftovers, instead of waiting to cook something. I can change my running route to include a body of water so I can’t take short cuts. I can choose to turn chores into opportunities, for example, running to the far store for juice instead of a short walk to the near one. I like tangible progress, so plotting my increasing speed/distance with Excel is rewarding for me. I know I do best with routines and some social aspects to my fitness, so I’m really looking forward to three months of AFL preseason (one week to go!) starting up next week.

Here’s to success!

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